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We are a local cholesterol and lipid health center serving the Sacramento area. Our center offers diagnostic services and effective treatment for patients with lipid or cholesterol disorders. Are you at risk for heart disease? Many people don't know what it means to be at risk or what they can do to help reduce their chance of developing cardiovascular problems. At Statin Help Center, we can help you to assess your risk for heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiac disorders and give you the information and tools you need to prevent further risk. Our talented and compassionate staff is here to help you to reach your health goals and develop a personalized plan to stay on the right track.

If you have already been diagnosed with high cholesterol or other cholesterol disorder, we can help you to develop a strategy for treatment, or help you to revise your current treatment plan if it is ineffective. Many patients come to our clinic with questions about their risk. If you have a family history of heart attacks, strokes, or other cardiovascular disease, you are at higher risk for developing it yourself and should start acting with preventative measures. Taking charge your future health is a commendable effort, and we encourage all of our patients and community members to be pro active about managing their cholesterol and preventing heart disease. Our experienced clinical staff can help you find an individualized treatment plan for patients in any situation.

Statin Help Center focuses on the treatment of patients with elevated cholesterol levels. Our clinic supports the use of statin prescriptions as the primary treatment method. Statins are a special type of drug which is extremely effective in lowering bad cholesterol by up to 60%. They reduce cholesterol by inhibiting certain enzymes in the liver and encouraging the production of healthy cholesterol. Statins are an FDA approved drug and are generally considered as the best form of treatment for high cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease. Treatment also involves lifestyle changes to help patients manage their health easier and create healthy habits for a longer life. Lifestyle changes for lowering your heart disease risk includes:

- educating yourself about heart disease and cholesterol
- managing a healthy weight
- eating a healthy and balanced diet (low in cholesterol, low in saturated fat)
- increasing physical activity
- reducing unhealthy habits, such as smoking and excessive drinking

If you are at risk for heart disease or high cholesterol, make an appointment today to assess your cholesterol levels. Doctors recommend getting your cholesterol regularly after the age of 45. Make an appointment today!

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